My Capsule Collection

Before you go out and get all the colours in your favourite loafer, consider making a collection that will serve you well across a wide range of occasions, trouser/shirt combinations and look classy even after years of wear.

Nowadays I get suggestions from some readers and clients on what my next post could be. One such suggestion was to recommend how and where to start building a capsule collection of goodyear welted shoes. The idea sounded interesting and challenging because style is very subjective, but I got thinking about this and the whole appeal of classic shoes is that it is timeless. With these 5 shoes, you should be able to style out the rest of you with ease and not have to look outside the 5 for footwear options.

no.1 Of course, the black cap-toe oxford is first on this list. Preferably on a round of almond toed last. You never tire of it, you need it for the formal meetings, to pair with dark slacks, or suit up and look sharp but not dressy. My personal play on this is to make it a punch cap oxford. Purists will cry out loud that a cap-toe should be plain and simple. If there is only one shoe you can have or the first you must have, this is it.

no.2 A derby plain toe or blucher in dark brown or if you feel a bit more adventurous in an earthy tone for the casual look with chinos or jeans. Not to be worn for work if you can avoid it, but nowadays, these rules don’t apply anyway. Double sole will give it a long life and a nice tough side profile and a model with storm welt if you want it casual.

no.3 A wing tip oxford in brown, to pair with textured trousers like tweeds or herringbone patterns but also looks at home with a pair of jeans or evening jacket to the neighborhood store. This can be with a rubber sole so on days with inclement weather, this could be the pair that looks good for work and practical to get to.

no.4 A pair of dark brown suede loafers.  Best for weekend wear with light coloured chinos or linen tousers but also look great to wear for a casual evening out for a meal or a walk by the beach. While many fear that suede is difficult to take care of, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Its one of those myths that need debunking asap. They feel soft and comfortable from the first wear, the matt effect of suede keeps it understated and versatile over a wide range of colours and textured trousers.

no.5 Chelsea boots in burgundy full grain or suede for the weekend in the countryside but look just as sharp to wear for a casual meeting on weekdays. There is extraordinarily little said about how easy it is to get in and out of Chelsea boots as they are the only slip-on variant of boots there is!

That’s it for my capsule 5. I have an extended collection that I will talk about soon but just with these classics, I could style myself for any occasion with a wide variety of outfits for years to come.

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